With over twenty-five years of professional sound editing experience working with multiple sound editorial platforms like Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition, Soundscape, and good old-fashioned film with sprockets, Kevin is experienced in multiple facets of the post-production sound process such as: sound editing and design for television and theatre, Foley recording and mixing, dialogue and SFX editing and mixing, ADR/VO as well as location recording and audio assist. He has sound edited and designed for television, feature and short films, documentaries, promotional videos, web series and mobile games.

As an assistant sound editor, he has experience in OMF and sound dailies preparation, dub stage set up and archival, picture editorial and client liaison and the training and supervision of assistant sound editors.

Kevin’s customized and creative effects supplement his dialogue clean-up and editing treatments, resulting in distinctively rich sound-scapes.With flexibility, a great sense of humour, and outstanding technical ability, Kevin builds lush sound-scapes and audio elements that support the story and help create the world, with great attention to detail.